Louie’s Fresh Roasted and Brewed Coffee

Coffee was a staple in the lumber camps of Northern Michigan and it was there in Alpena, in the 1850’s and 60’s where Jeremiah Douville, Louie’s father, brewed it over an open fire. As a cook in a lumber camp, you either learned to brew the perfect pot, or you found a new line of work. Jeremiah, learned fast and he brewed well. Times and tastes may change, but our commitment to quality does not. Today, at Louie’s, we are proud to offer our customers a custom roasted and blended selection of coffee, that would make Jeremiah proud.

All our coffee is roasted in individual small batches and uses only the best Arabica beans:


Named in honor of Jeremiah Douville and his life as a camp cook, Northwoods is made of 100% Columbian beans. It’s the real deal.

Coffee Counter

A blend of Columbian and Guatemalan beans, Coffee Counter is named after the classic U shaped coffee and soda counters found in the Douville Bakery, when it operated in the 1950’s. Back then, you could get a hot cup of coffee at the counter for a nickel. Times haven’t changed that much. At Louie’s, you can pick up a fresh cup of coffee, while picking up a bag of freshly roasted beans to brew at home.

At Louie’s, we continue to honor the commitment to quality that we started 4 generations ago, and continue to use only the best ingredients, while staying loyal to our customers and still offering the best price. We are a local grocer, with local interests: to meet the needs of our community at fair prices, everyday.

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